Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is Jumbo Guitar?

Jumbo Guitar is a Guitar bigger in size, than the usual ones.

Jumbo Guitars are mainly used to get a louder sound, often called "Concert" guitars. They have a bigger body and depending on the woods used can be deeper in sound on the low strings.

Jumbo guitars have a larger body size in comparison to other acoustic guitars. The larger body provides higher volume as well as a greater bass response. This makes Jumbo guitars ideal for players who have a heavy strumming style and use lower alternate tunings.

The normal Jumbo is 41 inches long. Has a wider body at the base end or bridge end about 17 inches across rounded larger end 20 inches from butt end to neck end of the body and about 13 inches on the narrow end.

Jumbo guitars are appropriate for both stage and recording studio.

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